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Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Tickets

Cheap  Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Tickets

The Chiefs are headed to Tampa for the Super Bowl. Ticketron has limited seats available for the Chiefs vs Bucs showdown in the Super Bowl.

2020 Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

2020 Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

The Bengals will have 12,000 fans at their remaining home games this season. Don't miss your chance to see Joe Burrow! Buy guaranteed Cincinnati Bengals tickets today.

2020 Cleveland Browns Tickets

2020 Cleveland Browns Tickets

The Ohio Department of Health approved a variance for the Cleveland Browns allowing up to a maximum of 12,000 fans. Root your Browns to the playoffs! We have tickets to all Cleveland Browns games here at Ticketron.

2020 Dallas Cowboys Tickets

2020 Dallas Cowboys Tickets

An official attendance count has not been made by the team, but with 25% capacity available at AT&T Stadium, fans are attending live. Tickets are available for all Dallas Cowboys games here at Ticketron.

2020 Houston Texans Tickets

2020 Houston Texans Tickets

After not having fans at NRG Stadium for their season opener, the Texans can have up to 13,300 fans (about 20% capacity) for remaining games. Order tickets now to see your Houston Texans here at Ticketron.

2020 Miami Dolphins Tickets

2020 Miami Dolphins Tickets

The expectation is that having fans in the stands will continue, with possibly a larger capacity as the season goes along if everything goes according to plan. Buy Miami Dolphins tickets now here at Ticketron.

2020 Indianapolis Colts Tickets

Cheap Indianapolis Colts Tickets

12,500 fans are be allowed in to the stadium for each Colts game. The team will continue to monitor the situation the rest of the season. Order tickets to see the Indianapolis Colts today here at Ticketron.

2020 Jacksonville Jaguars Tickets

Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Tickets

The stadium holds 67,164, so the capacity will be 16,791. The team said any possible increase in capacity will depend on developments regarding the coronavirus, as well as any local, state or federal instructions. Order Jacksonville Jaguars tickets now.

2020 Carolina Panthers Tickets

Carolina Panthers Tickets

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper recently announced he would grant large facilities that seat 10,000 or more to host 7% capacity. Secure cheap Carolina Panthers tickets today.

2020 Tennessee Titans Tickets

Tennessee Titans Tickets

Attendance for the Titans is as follows. The plan is to bump up to 21% (max capacity allowed at Nissan Stadium) in November and maintain that capacity through the end of the home slate. Buy tickets today to see your Tennessee Titans.

2020 Tampa Bay Bucs Tickets

Tampa Bay Bucs Tickets

For the Bucs's fans. Tampa Bay will have a max capacity of 25% for fans. Both of these measures were taken because of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' moving the state into Phase 3 recently. -- Jenna Laine. Buy Tampa Bay Bucs tickets now.

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What Is Ticketron?

Ticketron is a leading source online for tickets to events that are already sold out at the primary source. Ticketron is an online marketplace connecting ticket buyers with ticket sellers. As part of the largest nationwide network of licensed ticket distributors, Ticketron offers event goers the opportunity to purchase tickets that are no longer available through primary sources such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Telecharge, venue box office and so on.

As part of the largest ticket network, we have access to millions of tickets to thousands of events throughout the USA. From common events that are in high demand such as professional sports tickets, major concert tours, to the top shows on Broadway in New York City and in cities throughout America. That's not all, Ticketron is also your source for more obscure event tickets as well. If there is a live event that you need to order tickets for, chances are Ticketron has inventory for you.

Who Are Primary Event Ticket Distributors?

When we use the term primary source for tickets here at Ticketron, we are talking about the first source to purchase tickets to the event you wish to attend. When a great sports event, tour, or Broadway show is announced, tickets are sold through a primary source. These include Ticketmaster, Live Nation, and Telecharge for Broadway shows.

The sources listed above are able to offer tickets to those events at what is called face value. Unfortunately, many popular events as well as other events, sell out either immediately or over the course of time. Some of the reasons are demand is overwhelming, or perhaps, fans deciding at a later time decide they might want to attend, either way, face value tickets are only available one time, and when they sell out, that opportunity has passed for potential buyers.

Our inventory is consistently updated to bring our customers the very latest seating options for all events. Pricing of tickets on the marketplace are based on public demand and other factors.

How We Price Tickets Here At Ticketron

Ticketron pricing is based on many factors. We consistently monitor competitor pricing and adjust ticket prices to bring our customers the best value possible.

Ticketron does not flood the search engines or social media sites with costly ads, because we do not accrue such absurd marketing costs, we pass that savings on to our customers.

Ticketron also offers our customers an industry low service charge on all tickets. The average website has service charges of 25% to 30% added to the cost of your purchase at checkout. At Ticketron we add only 12% to your purchase in additional fees. This alone offers our customers savings that can be in the $100s of dollars at the time of purchase.

How To Buy Tickets Here At Ticketron

Ticketron offers its customers two safe and secure ways to order event tickets with us. We offer customers a safe secure online ordering system which is easy to navigate. The other option for our customers is to locate the tickets that might interest them and call us toll free from anywhere in the United States at 888-345-0872. Our live order assistants are some of the most experienced in the ticket industry and are here to assist you with your purchase or to answer any questions you may have about tickets.

Same Day Or Last Minute Tickets At Ticketron

Ticketron guarantees all same day or even last minute purchases. Our guarantee means that the tickets will arrive on time for your event. Once your order is confirmed, your tickets are absolutely guaranteed to be there in time for the show or event of your choice.

Ticketron offers almost instant confirmation on last minute ticket orders as to ensure we can process and deliver your tickets to your email, cell phone, or to arrange a convenient local pickup near or at the venue.