At Ticketron, we constantly strive to bring our customers the best value on tickets to all events. After extensive research and input from our loyal customers, it was determined that surprise service charges were the common theme when discussing the purchase of tickets from many online sites.
We set out to evaluate our competitors and see just how much is being charged to consumers on top of the listed ticket price shown. Surprisingly, we found our competitors utilizing many different methods to entice customers.
Many of the pricing structures were shocking. The basic maneuver was the standard 18% service charge many sites are charging once you have gone through the checkout process, bam the ticket is not $100.00 as you thought but now it is $118.00. Surprise Surprise.
Other sites have now taken to the process of showing customers a discount, or lower price. This little trick seems to work well, unitl you go to the checkout, the ticket you see listed as $100, is now between $125 to $135 after the hidden fees appear. We found that sites that offer discounted tickets are the sites that have the CRAZIEST SERVICE CHARGES. The lower the ticket price, the higher the fees.
We discovered that transparancy and lower pricing is the key to customer loyalty. 
Ticketron has elminated any and all hidden service fees on all tickets. To top that offer, we have kept our final pricing below all other sites.
What do we mean by final price? We mean this!
You see the same ticket listed at Ticketron and Site A.
Ticketron Priced at $115
Site A Priced at      $100

Here is what happens next!
You found a great deal, that ticket is listed for $15 less! You proceed to the checkout at SITE A to buy that lower priced ticket for $100.00, you are now hit with a service charge of $18 to $35 and the lower priced ticket you found is now $118 to $135 depending on the site you purchase from.
The same ticket at Ticketron priced at $115 is the same price you pay after completing the checkout process. There are no hidden fees at checkout. You paid $115 and nothing more!

Remember this when shopping for tickets. It is not the ticket price you see that makes the deal. It is the final price you pay. We beat them all.
1) We have the lowest final price you pay for the same tickets you see on other sites.
2) We do not leave our customers guessing how much the fees are going to be at the checkout.
3)  Our transparancy builds trust, our customers trust sites who do not play pricing games.
As the saying goes "Honesty is the best policy." Here at Ticketron, we agree 100%. Other sites use service fees to increase prices at the end of a transaction, something Ticketron does not do.

The ticket price you see on this page is the same price you will see when you go to purchase your tickets. 

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