Below are some of the frequently asked questions by many of our new and first time Ticketron users. We have compiled this list to assist you quickly and conveniently with questions you may have. If after reviewing our list of some of the most common question you still need assistance, please feel free to call us toll free at 888-345-0872.

Q) Why do many different sites have the same tickets at different prices?

A) Prices for tickets listed are set by our distributors. At Ticketron the price you see listed is the actual price the distributor listed. Other sites may try to maneuver prices by showing a price slash or reduced price on the ticket. Unfortunately this is followed by service charges of up to 32% in order for those sites to maintain the original ticket price.

Q) Why do different sites charge different service fees?

A) Each ticket broker site can dictate service fees based on costs to run their business. Unfortunately for customers, many sites have entered the practice of price perception by appearing to discount or reduce the ticket price and then charging huge service fees.

Q) What are service charges?

A) Service charges are implemented to offset business costs such as costs for running the online site, advertising, phone services, and other general expenses.

Q) Why do some sites charge 25 to 35% in service fees?

A) First off we at Ticketron do not believe in that practice, our service fees are among the lowest in the industry as we show you in the graph below. When you see a ticket at a price that is too good to be true, it usually is, as many companies have taken to the practice of showing reduced ticket prices and offsetting the price reduction by raising service charges as high as 32% 

1. No one and we repeat, no one has tickets at 75% off

2. No one should be charging any customer service fees that are as high as 1/3 of the price of a ticket.

3. Our customers have told us, they shop with us because of our much lower fees.

4. There is a reason, Ticketron is one of the oldest online sources for event tickets. Buying tickets to an event should be a fun experience and here at Ticketron, we value our customers and pride ourselves on bringing true online value. With everyday low pricing and lower service charges, our customers save. 

Q) So how much can I expect to pay for tickets when all is said and done?

A) This is a very fair question and we do our best to break it down. At Ticketron when you see a ticket listed for $100, we will add $16 to $16.50 to the price in service charges. These charges are necessary to sustain and operate our business online. 


Here you can see a breakdown of what you pay for your tickets with service charges included at Ticketron versus some major competitor sites.

Our breakdown is based on a $100 ticket purchase at each of the following sites.

This is what you can expect to pay at each site for each $100.00 you spend on tickets.

As ticket prices go higher service charges increase, for example a $200 ticket at any of these sites would double the service charge listed below.

The research done was based on reviewing $100.00 event tickets at each site and then reviewing overall cost at checkout. The latest research was completed on 7/13/2017.

SITE                         TICKET PRICE        SERVICE CHARGE                     TOTAL COST

Ticketron                       $100                           $16.50                                  $116.50

GoodSeatTickets             $100                           $30.00                                  $130.00

Bargainseatsonline          $100                           $31.00                                  $131.00

FindTicketsFast               $100                           $35.80                                  $135.80

EventTicketsCenter         $100                           $33.00                                  $133.00

Tickets-Center                $100                           $25.00                                  $125.00    

TicketZoom                    $100                           $25.00                                  $125.00

Broadway.com                $100                           $38.00                                  $138.00


Some of these sites did offer a discount or price slash, but as seen above the very high service charges offset the savings of the ticket discount.

The sites listed are some of the largest online ticket broker sites. 

Our overall prices beat them hands down.

Shop smart and understand why we say no one beats our overall price on tickets!

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