Ticketron vs Ticketmaster- Where To Buy Tickets

Often is the case that many fans looking for tickets to an event they wish to attend, end up shopping online to purchase those tickets. With so many websites to choose from, fans are often confused on where to purchase tickets. There are Primary distributors and there are resale marketplaces, what is the difference?

Primary Event Ticket Distributors
The most obvious choice for primary tickets to a huge number of events in the USA is "Ticketmaster" or "Live Nation". Now what many may not realize is that both are the same, Ticketmaster and Live Nation are owned by the same company. With that being said, what often occurs on these sites is when fans shop for tickets, most of the best seat locations, if not the entire event is sold out. This leads fans to begin the search for tickets on resale marketplace websites.

Ticketron vs Ticketmaster Resale Tickets
Here is a part that we believe is a bit unethical, Ticketmaster as the primary distributor of event tickets, also ties a resale business into their primary site. Have you ever gone to Ticketmaster, typed in an event and the prices shown for available tickets are astronomical? Well that is because they are selling you marketplace tickets, not the face value ticket that was once available at Ticketmaster only. This means the show has sold out of face value tickets. Many times, the prices listed on Ticketmaster for resale are extremely high and have very high service charges.

This is where we step in, at Ticketron, we price marketplace tickets at prices that save our customers on their final purchase price. Our ticket inventory is priced below Ticketmaster resale tickets and our fees are much lower than TM also. This is not because we have different tickets available, many of the tickets sold for an event on Ticketron are the same as you view on the Ticketmaster resale site.

It is true that we suggest to our fans to shop Ticketmaster first to ensure that there is no availability for tickets at face value. Everyone loves a bargain and we realize that it would be unethical to suggest to fans that TM is sold out of everything. There may be tickets remaining for many events fans are shopping for at Ticketmaster for face value. The question is, are these seats that fans want? many times these are the nosebleed seats or less desirable seating or limited view.

For many fans, those seats will not satisfy. At Ticketron, we pride ourselves as one of the lowest priced resellers on the ticket marketplace. We keep our business model simple, we do not spend millions on ads and we share the savings with our customers.

Advantages Of Buying Tickets At Ticketmaster
This is obvious. As the primary distributor of such tickets, Ticketmaster is the only company who can sell you tickets at the price listed on the ticket.

Nothing beats the feeling of grabbing a great seat to your favorite event at face value, and we think that's a great thing.

Cons Of Buying Tickets At Ticketmaster
By the time many fans decide they want to attend an event, tickets are long gone! For many fans who participate in trying to score tickets to a hot event when tickets go on sale, there is the frustration of being placed in a waiting room for long periods of time, only to find out when your turn comes that the event no longer has tickets available. Last but not least, and we believe this causes confusion and is not exactly ethical, shopping directly on the Ticketmaster website, fans view tickets that are astronomically priced, due to being resale tickets. Now we are not suggesting that TM can not participate in ticket resales, as they already do with another company they own, Ticketsnow.com, but to intertwine resale tickets on a website that calls itself the primary seller of event tickets is well a bit confusing to say the least.

About Ticketron
Ticketron has been in the ticket marketplace industry since 1999. We believe that the ticket industry these days is run like the Wild Wild West. Fans searching for event tickets are bombarded with ads, hundreds of new websites pop up every year, phone ads leave fans not even knowing who they purchased tickets from and more.

We stand by our code of ethics, we are a resale marketplace offering our customers the best value on tickets that are sold out and unavailable at Ticketmaster or Live Nation at face value. This means that the tickets listed on the Ticketron site were already purchased at face value and are now being listed for resale by licensed ticket distributors. We never claim to be a primary distributor, nor do we have any direct or indirect affiliation with Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or any professional sports teams or venues.

Ticketron Or Ticketmaster
With that said, the bottom line is this, we suggest to our customers that it is always best to take a quick look on Ticketmaster or Live Nation to view ticket availability. If a show is sold out on either site or has only less than desirable seating to the event you wish to attend, then it's time to shop with us at Ticketron. Our prices and service will not be beat. We are a nationally known Federally Trademarked brand and we stand by our tickets and our customers 100% always.

No matter where you purchase your tickets from, we always hope the fans have a great time at their event. Buying tickets to a great event or show should be easy. We do our best to make simple shopping a reality everyday. Order your tickets online or call us toll free nationwide at 888-345-0872.

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